RMC Podcast: Collab with Roly Porter

The electronic composer talks about creating a piece with students from RMC.
17. Mar 2020

In February 2020, iconic British producer and electronic composer Roly Porter visited RMC.

Within three days a handful of Composition students from RMC composed a new piece in collaboration with Roly Porter. The piece was premiered at venue Mayhem in Copenhagen on February 13th.

In the podcast Roly Porter explains how the collaborative piece was created at RMC. And throughout the episode you can listen to excerpts of the piece from the live recording at Mayhem and music from Roly Porter's latest albums.

Furthermore, Roly Porter talks about his musical influences and different approaches to making music; "Trying to create a three dimensional sonic space with as much depth and width as possible".

He also shares his thoughts on the ownership of muscial ideas and the relation between music theory and composition.

Listen below, or at Pinecast, or via your preferred podcast service.

Participating composers: Anders M. Jørgensen (electronics, violin, saxophone, guitar), Lucas Nielsen (electronics, el-organ), Henriette Motzfeldt (electronics, violin), Mads Krue Bugge (electronics), Isak Tind (electronics, flute)

Interview and editing: Thomas Knak

Sound recording: Lars Rex and Jakob Makongo Bertelsen

The following music has been used for the podcast:

1 : 00 - 02.40 Roly Porter + RMC Students : Live at Mayhem, Copenhagen Feb. 13th 2020

2 : 2.35 - 9.38 Roly Porter :  Blind Packening (Third Law).

3 : 9.34 -10.50 Roly Porter : In System (Third Law).

4 :10.40 - 15.30 Roly Porter : Arrakis (Aftertime).

5 : 15.20 - 21.30 Roly Porter : Birth (Life Cycle Of A Massive Star).

6 : 20.48 - 23.30 Vex´d : Remains Of The Day (Cloud Seed).

7 :  23.05 - 25.40 Adam F : Metropolis (used by Roly Porter in his Nov. 2016 live set for Boiler Room - London).

8 : 25.35-30.00 Roly Porter : Departure Stage (Third Law).

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