Product Idea Accelerator

From Ideas to Concepts, from Concepts to Products! We assist entrepreneurs and investors craft their ideas into unique and viable products, fine tuning the best marketing strategy and technologies.

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For These Awesome Crowdfunding Projects

iblazr 2

Award winning wireless LED flash


E-bike with 236 miles range on a single charge

City Jacket by Riot Division

The only jacket that adapts to your lifestyle


The Most Ultimate Air Mattress and Pillow


The first intelligent iPhone cover

why concepter

Ideas are fragile without action.

Concepter designs, develops and distributes award-winning consumer products through some of the most world-renowned retail chains.

We are shipping tens of thousands units per year globally, so there is a confidence we know how to create that perfect combination of good product and a market that demands it.

We’re proud to select and mentor only the very best talent and most innovative ideas.

Through our unique accelerator program, we bring our proven expertise and manufacturing skills to the table in an effort to foster ideas and help teams launch them in products.

What do you need to start

  • An incredible idea;
  • Clearly formed vision;
  • Readiness for hardcore.

What will you get

  • Project and business management, finance, and strategy;
  • A dedicated team of highly experienced engineers;
  • An inside look into the supply chain and manufacturing industry in China;
  • An education in manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution.

what we do


We offer a plan that meshes together short term and long term objectives with customized technology solutions to facilitate achieving those objectives:

  • Project goals
  • A timeline with a detailed schedule
  • Important milestones and deliverables
  • Possible risks
  • Dependencies

Marketing analysis

We help to define the right product positioning, based on market research and the existing competition.

  • Marketing analysis of the niche
  • Competitor analysis
  • Positioning
  • Audience segmentation
  • Messaging options
  • Pricing


In partnership with Fabricator FabLab

Developing products that is ideal for users is the direct approach to building a great hardware company. Unlike in software development, building prototypes of hardware products is the priority.

Build. Build. Build. Sleep. And build some more. Small teams can agilely move and adapt faster by being constantly building. We usually recommend putting together at least 1 physical model a week. It isn’t crucial that it’s a fully functional prototype, but testing a new small feature is beneficial for keeping the ball rolling.


Marketing & PR

Pre-launch campaign:

  • Marketing strategy for the pre-launch;
  • Media buying;
  • PR;
  • Analytics & conversions.

Kickstarter campaign:

  • Email-marketing (existing leads from pre-launch);
  • PR;
  • Targeted ads for the relevant audience via Facebook;
  • Cross-promotional deals with complimentary products.

Crowdfunding Strategy

  • Specify a final number of features to launch a Kickstarter campaign;
  • Define user cases / scenarios for product representation (videos, photos etc);
  • Define a page structure;
  • Offer recommendations in terms of design;
  • Offer a plan for updates/stretch goals;
  • Build an effective logistics plan;

Scaling up for Production

Approved professional by Dragon Innovation


Hardware is hard. There are a lot of moving pieces and often unforeseen circumstance. We hunker down with our partners to streamline project plans that don't just deliver on product perfection, but also deliver on time – absolutely crucial to success in a highly competitive consumer electronics market where every moment counts.

We'll help you set up production in China with verified and trustworthy manufacturers, and we can do for you all the research and communication, electrical engineering and firmware development, mechanical engineering and design for manufacturing (DFM), help you with tooling, source electronic components, if needed, endure quality control and all the other things to put your product on the market.

Industrial IoT


The right product in the right place at the right time, done right. We're experts at promoting consumer technology products, creating marketing and channel strategies for startups and established brands alike.

Our distribution services include managing purchasing, inventory postponement, and shipping products from suppliers to retailers worldwide.

Products of Concepter have been selling worldwide since way back in 2013. Our products can be seen featured in Apple Store, Best Buys, Amazon, and local distributors in 140 countries.

Smart City

Post production support

After your first batch is done and out the door, it’s time to think about the future, the next step. We will stand by to start, control and make it “jacked and good to go’”. We’ll repeat, again and again.

  • A new batch preparation and production
  • Fulfilment is under control
  • Sales are higher and higher
  • The inventory is out of stock
  • Repeat

Also we could help you with new versions of your product, improving old ideas with the better solutions.