Connect it all!

We knock together everything possible on the IoT platform, collect sensor data, and control everything through the cloud. All research and analysis is performed using deep-learning algorithms.

why concepter

Digital transformation is inevitable

Enterprises are taking an entirely novel approaches to business thanks to this disruptive technology. Currently, organizations are focussed on delivering never-seen-before applications in such fields as the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

A monumental alignment of the stars is happening all around us, as companies in different industries each prepare in their own way to navigate a world where everything is interconnected and digital. Global trends that were once hobbies for lonesome nerds, morphs into something your grandmother uses to conveniently get some shopping done. Is your company standing firm to face the challenges of tomorrow with applying the emerging tech trends of today?

We're the high tech vanguard, punching through the old IT model with new strategies that fully utilizes the cloud, open source and emerging technologies, all for our clients.


what we do


Bring together and manipulate the data on IoT devices, cross-platform, or within backend applications. Connectivity can be utilized as a lifeline between IoT devices that capture or generate data, such as sensors, and backend applications that use this data like fuel. Such a platform communicates via lightweight protocols including Zigbee and MQTT/TCP, or to sensor gateways via HTTP, enabling you to connect, manage and analyze data from multitudes of devices intermingling on your network.

You can integrate pretty much any device, starting from those fully functional operating systems, all the way down to resource limited microcontrollers with less than 10KB of available RAM.



IoT-powered gateways and routers can ease data collection via simple sensors or devices that use PAN-based protocols like as Bluetooth, ZigBee, or Z-Wave for connectivity. They can also be applied to streamline the process of adding new devices to a given IoT cluster by converting the device's data format into a "common language" used in the cluster.


Analyze (big data analytics)

Collecting and analyzing data from these connected devices, is one of the most recurring of IoT use cases. For giant amounts of real time data or large-scale deployments, the platform allows implementing cutting edge analytics into IoT gateways, which is the preliminary data processing and data aggregating performed by an IoT gateway before sending out the majority of the data to the server/cloud.

The IoT platform features:

  • Pre-integrated with popular data processing systems;
  • Easily expandable with data visualisation tools;
  • Scalable to handle huge amounts of data;


With an empowered workforce and optimized industrial assets, you can maximize not just process efficiency, but also safety, reliability and even the profitability of your processes, in real time.

At the app and data processing levels, our platform conveys a rich feature set for cloud enabling and data treatment. This can further be applied to rapidly assemble interconnected IoT applications for industrial system automation, regular maintenance, and disparate monitoring.

Companies that become AI-driven will vastly increase their odds of being successful in these times of technological change. Use of AI, specifically machine learning, to predict what’s most likely to happen next based on previous experiences, and then acting to drive outcomes that satisfy customers and grow those all important revenues.



Our methodology empowers companies to leverage the richness of Augmented Reality (AR) with the advantages of IoT, to fundamentally invigorate the way we create, service, and operate for enterprise. Manufacturing firms have the knack to rapidly and simply create AR experiences that enable users to develop products with new vision and capabilities.



Industrial IoT

The moment everyone has been waiting for, and the Industrial Internet of Things is the main mover for the upcoming industrial revolution. With industrial automation solutions fuels by the Internet of Things, manufacturing production facilities and products themselves can be outfitted with high level hardware and interconnected using simple networking methods. This allows disparate parts of a production line to communicate with one another, making the entire manufacturing process easier to monitor and control.

Use cases: production line monitoring, predictive maintenance, cloud-based data storage and analytics, failure mitigation and safety control

Industrial IoT

Smart City

Smart city solutions utilizing the IoT Platform efficiently improve upon infrastructure, public services, and smart buildings. Merging with the platform, smart meters, sensors, and device gateways can be used for monitoring of local and city-wide electrical power grids, consumption of water, gas emissions, traffic load, and other core municipal services.

Use cases: smart city lighting, smart public safety systems, energy saving buildings, smart meter networks

Smart City


In the agricultural sector the IoT has generated unique ways, to take care of animals and improve crop yields. Smart applications offer nonstop visibility of soil and crops, machinery, and other related farm equipment.

Use cases: remote equipment monitoring, predictive analytics for crops and livestock, remote crop monitoring



Retail is being disrupted by IoT solutions thanks to a number of apps which are boosting store operations, battling theft, cross selling conducting inventory management and making the overall shopping experience pleasurable. The IoT evens the playing field, making it not a foregone conclusion that online stores will kill off brick and mortar stores, by helping bring customers back in person.

Use cases: interactive digital signage screens, mobile shopping applications, sensor-based items tracking, IoT enabled beacons