The music producer as artistic co-creator

16. Mar 2021
In Progress

With inspiration from both my own and other practices as a music producer I wish to explore with this project  how music producers negotiate artistic co-ownership and co-creation processes.

My interest how said negotiation of the music producer's artistic co-ownership takes place in collective processes, with a focus on the different roles and tasks of the music producer as well as what underlying arguments and expectations/wishes from those involved are at play.

At the same time, it will be interesting to investigate what skills the different types of artistic co-ownership require of music producers. This leads to the following research questions: Through partly mapping my own previous practice, and partly developing a number of new musical works, I will answer the following research question:

What types of artistic co-ownership are undertaken by music producers when the artistic co-creation processes unfolds, and what artistic consequences can this have for the final works?